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March 04, 2012

THE FUTURE: Part 1: Introducing: The Firebird X

Written by The Lennon Bus


1. Preconceived notions are tricky beasts that play dangerous games with your judgment, on the bus or off the bus. Off the bus, that would be an entire other story of value judgments, critiques and a book length idea about making decisions.
2. This is a blog post
2.a. (Ceci n’est pas un blog post?)
3. But preconceived notions and guitars is what I am specifically thinking about right now. For the non-guitar players out there, someone’s favourite guitar and preference can make all of the difference in the track or their guitar playing.
4. We have a lot of guitars on the bus but not all of the guitars in the world. Gibson SG, Les Paul, Casino, Blues King and more. There are plenty of options.
5. The Gibson Firebird X is a new addition to not only our guitar family but the world.
6. You should click that link and read more about the guitar. It is a strange and amazing little device.
7. Ours is a shiny blue. Pretty beautiful, actually. See?

8. It has a lot of character to it. The ability to change tones is more in-depth that I previously thought. In this clip, I am playing the first chord from A Hard Day’s Night through the Firebird. There are a lot of settings on this guitar.

9. Did you hear those acoustic simulations? It sounds really pretty. I am really happy with it actually. The Stratocaster simulation is cool and nice, the ES-335 has me sold but when it got to the acoustic 12-string, I fell in love. A 12 string that I do not have to constantly retune.
9.a. All of that was recorded with the Avid Eleven Rack as a DI interface into this Macbook.
10. Is this the last of it? No, this is the start. More of these to come as we get to play around with it more on the bus.

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