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April 05, 2010

SAE: Mixdown Techniques Online Course

Written by The Lennon Bus


While working with students onboard the Lennon Bus in our typical 1 day audio/video recording sessions the students cover a vast array of workflows in a very short time period. From coming up with the ideas to pre-production, to production, to post-production and DVD Authoring, there are many techniques to go over in 1 day.

One workflow that is always a pool of questions for students interested in audio production is the mixdown process. Whether you own your own recording studio or you have a laptop with Garageband, you always stand to learn something new about mixing with your next track.

I’m always reading blogs, tutorials, and other online posts to get tips and tricks on how to better my mixing workflow. But I’ve always found I learn the most when I’m involved with some sort of curriculum. Without it I easily get distracted and move on to other things that interest me before mastering the lesson at hand.

Yesterday I found this Mixdown Technique Course offered online by SAE. It offers all of the key concepts you need to grasp to improve you’re mixdown and it allows you to learn it on your own platform, so whether you have a full on studio or just that laptop with Garageband, you’ll learn what you need to know to make your mix the best it can be.

Check out the curriculum below and be sure to check out www.SAE.edu to learn more.

Mixdown Techniques Course

Course Description

This mixdown techniques course introduces you to the fundamentals of mixing in the box. It takes you through all the important steps of a complete mixdown procedure in your favorite software (Protools, Logic, Cubase etc). This course deals mainly with rough mixing, using EQ and compressors, automation and preparing for mastering)

Course Prerequisites

Basic knowledge about your own individual mixing software.
Course Aims

Understand the main steps in mixdown (rough mix, editing, sub mix, automation and bounce)
Become knowledge in areas such as using EQs, compressor and FX (delay and reverb), stereo image, levelling, offset in depth, parallel compression)
Course Topics

Week 1:

- Monitoring

- Preparing and Ergonomics

- Analog vs. digital mixing

- Ear Training

- PlugIn Delay Compensation
Week 2

- Signalflow in a mix

- Strip Silence

- Tempo in the mix

- Quantizing an instrument

- Rough mix

- Levelling

- Stereo image

- Offset in depth
Week 3

- PlugIns

- EQ

- Compressor

- Gate

- Effects

- Sidechaining
Week 4

- Automation

- Bounce a mix

- Mix checking

- Preparing for mastering
Course Outcomes

On successful completion of the course you will:

be able to understand how to mix a song.
be able to apply all the important aspects and successfully mix.
Required Resources

This course requires a complete DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) with any host software installed (Protools, Cubase, Logic, etc.) with a good monitoring system.

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