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January 10, 2009

Round 10…ding, ding

Written by The Lennon Bus


  First of all, everyone knows me as Tony but I don’t know how to change that so I’ll leave it to the powers that be.  Yes, this is my 10th year as the driver of the Lennon Bus and it has been the most amazing job I have ever had.  It’s really much more than a job….it is my life.  If you don’t believe that, just ask my wife.  We’re taking steps so that I can be home more in the future so that’s a good thing.  The off season has been anything but that.  Other than spending a week in Jamaica with my wonderful wife, there were only 4 days that I wasn’t at the bus from November 4th until it left for MAC World on the 26th of December.  It’s a labor of love though and I’m excited about all of the amazing updates/upgrades that we made.  This bus is one of a kind and we are all so proud of not only it’s capabilities, but it’s mission as well.  Now if we could only get the wrap right (inside joke..or not).
  I really would like to use this first blog to thank some people that are very special to me in the job that I do.  First of all, to the bus staff, both past and present.  What an amazing bunch of people.  These guys work tirelessly and wear so many different hats.  Educators, spokespeople, musicians, engineers, and just all around good guys.  So from years past..Herm, Jeff, and Rob, what a crew.  To the current staff, Tyler, Seamus, Eric, and Doug, thanks for all you do to make my job easier.  Then of course, to our fearless leader and my queen chicken (another inside joke), Jaime.  Thanks will never be enough for all you do.  Not just for myself but for the whole operation.  All I can say is I couldn’t do my job without her.  If I need it done, she’s there and for that I am truly and forever grateful.  She’s done everything but drive the bus but I’m sure she would if I asked.  Our sponsors are so supportive and make our whole operation possible with their generous support or time and resources.  To all of them, I am so grateful.  Thanks..Don, Mark, Ann, and Cheryl just to name a few.  A special thanks to Yoko Ono Lennon for her support of the bus.  Peace.  David Sonenberg, the man who I have so much respect for.  Thanks for the opportunities you have given me over the years and for the respect you have shown me.  Much appreciated.  Jo-Ann, our PR…Thanks for all the laughs and for letting me carry your books.  My wonderful wife Laura, whom I love so much.  No one I know of would ever put up with what I do.  From the 2004 year when I was gone for 336 days to putting up with me when I’m home.  Thank you.  I’m already looking forward to Jamaica again.  Last, but not least, thanks to my boss, mentor, friend, and brother…b.  If you read this long blog, congrats.  Thanks for all you’ve done for Laura and I and for the trust and confidence you’ve placed in me over the years.  May we have many more.
  Since I’m not having any luck with the picture thing and all I’m managing to do is put crazy pics of me on the server, I’ll quit trying until I can get some technical support from our wonderful bus staff. In the meantime, just imagine that I am about the best looking bus driver you have ever seen in your life.

Next entry: airplane!


Posted by Laura Spencer  on  01/11  at  09:00 AM

My husband Tony…....What an amazing job you do!!!  I couldn’t be more proud!!  I admire you and the pride you take in the bus.  I am behind and beside you every step of the way.  This has certainly been a journey and one I am gladly to stay on forever.  I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Brian,  I can never truly THANK you enough for the opportunities you have provided both Tony and myself.

JoAnn,  I don’t get to see you enough.  Thank you for all you do!!!  You are a VERY SPECIAL person.  Tony and I love you so…...much!!!!

Jaime,  You are the BOMB!!!  I am on the lookout for The Fantastic Jaime Book.

To the Bus Staff Past and Present, You are part of the Spencer Family if you know it or not.  We love you!!!!

Posted by Jaime Walden  on  01/11  at  11:12 AM

Wonderful Tony!!! xx

Posted by Kevin  on  01/11  at  12:58 PM

Wow, just wished we had the bus over in the UK.  Hope you get a rest inbetween trips!!

Posted by Shirley Koroscil  on  01/11  at  07:06 PM

Hey Tony
When Wayne & I met you in Jamaica we knew you were long winded but WOW what a blog! Having met you it’s easy to see how dedicated you are to both your job and most importantly Laura.

Even when you’re on the road don’t forget our 5pm champagne toast! (You & Laura know the one I’m talking about!)

Take care on the road and watch out for the other guys.

We’ll be thinking about you.
Lots of love!!!
Shirl & Wayne

Posted by Jim Engard  on  01/12  at  11:57 AM

Whenever Karla & I see yall (which isn’t nearly enough) it is so obvious to us how much you love your job. You are so fortunate because I know that you don’t think of it as work but just “the bus” & all that goes with it. We love the time that we spend with Laura & you & can’t wait for another evening with “the pole” at your house or at the corner of our pool being very bad!! See ya soon!

Posted by Scott Hagan  on  01/12  at  12:16 PM

You’re a lucky man Tony.

The bus is awesome. Better keep an eye on Seamus and Tyler though.

After ten years they need to give you an extra week of vacation. We need more time to burn chicken wings and judge stripper-pole dancing.

take care!

judge #4

Posted by Maureen and no not stepmother  on  01/12  at  04:15 PM

Here’s to you in lemonade on birthdays and Santa Hats with pigtails.  Stay safe till you are home here in the Sunshine and with my beautiful Laura.  The work that you do with the bus is awesome and I hope I can make another trip to be with you in some far of land where they speak English. Love you.

Posted by Becca  on  01/12  at  09:49 PM

Well, you’re most certainly the best looking bus driver I’ve ever seen in my life!

Posted by Lisa Riddley-Templeton  on  01/16  at  03:25 PM

I am so proud of the dedication, committment, and hard work you have not only put into your job but also into your marriage and for that I applaud you. The past 10 years have flown by for you I’m sure, but I know you love what you do. This blog is awesome and I look forward to reading many,many more. Take care out there on America’s highways. Love ya bunches,


Posted by Mark Hammonds  on  01/17  at  12:23 PM

The bus is amazing!!!  For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to see it for yourself, check out the schedule to see if it is in a city close to you.  All the apple gear on the bus, a dream come true to be able to use it every day.
Stay Safe Tony!!!!

Posted by Melissa Schulthes  on  01/20  at  10:39 AM

The bus truly is amazing!  I have been lucky enough to see it first hand and can honestly say that the photos do not do it justice.  Even Tony (or Matthew as we like to call him) is more impressive in person.  Stay safe my dear friend.  Hugs from Illinois.

Posted by Chris Schulthes  on  01/23  at  03:56 PM

I think this guy is a nut job.Oh yeah I’ve met him and I sure wouldn’t trust with any daughter of mine. And that’s right pal I’ve also heard what you have said about all those supposed ” people at work that are so close to me"you haven’t got me fooled for one minute you lazy crackpot…...oh heck I thought I was commenting on Tony Sponco, he is nuts. But you Tony are a hard working,wonderful guy.That bus truly is cool and Tony does a great job at keeping them going and looking good.Be careful out there Pal, and look forword to seeing sometime.
    PS. You may be all those wonderful things but you sure aren’t pretty.

Posted by SICKOFITALL  on  02/03  at  10:34 PM

I just wish there was a larger photo of him on here so I could see all the brown around his nose!
This is from a real working rock n roll bus driver.

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