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Austin, TX


The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is a non-profit mobile recording studio dedicated to the providing students of all ages with free hands-on opportunities to make music and produce video projects. Learn More.

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  • You Are Here: Gulf Shores, AL Gulf Shores, AL - Hang Out Music Festival 2013 May 17. 18 & 19th 2013 Is it that birds go north for the summer and south for the winter? We disobeyed the birds and went south for the summer. The summer’s start took us to the white sand beaches of …
  • You Are Here: Owensboro, KY Howdy! The weather is so great in Kentucky! I was expecting humidity & terrible skies but we only had a glimpse of rain in the evening after a day of sunshine. Also, Johnny Depp was born in Owensboro & it is also the BBQ Capital of the world (l am …
  • The iOS Experiment - What Would YOU Create in 15 Minutes? As the saying goes, the only constant thing is change.  Trying something new that you’ve never done before is very much a part of our way of life, and we like to bring the students we work with that same exciting kind of experience. When given an iOS device for …
  • Lennon Bus Games: Creating Dreamwalker As we set forth our feet into the depths of 2013, we now come upon our first video game based stop of the year.  These game design students of Connally High School have already started their journey towards becoming integral parts of this exciting new platform.  The Lennon Bus was …
  • Learn About It, Guitar! On board the Lennon Bus, we get a lot of visitors who want to learn to play the guitar.  As the most popular instrument in the world, that’s not a surprise.  To get you started, we teamed with NAMM and Epiphone to bring you this short video.  Start practicing!   …

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Something like this should be parked outside of every school in America.

- Vernon Reid, Living Colour