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“It meant more to them than you’ll probably ever know. From the tours, to the donated instruments, to the music recording of the Little Jazz Giants, your visit to our city has made a far reaching impact that shall never be forgotten.”

- Gwendolyn A. Faison - Mayor of Camden, NJ

Something like this should be parked outside of every school in America.

- Vernon Reid, Living Colour

I would like to thank you and your staff for allowing our student body to be a part of Otis Avenue’s great experience. Our students that toured the bus were very impressed by the bus and your staff. The whole student body appreciated the gift bags you handed out. I appreciated how you worked with our student body in a very professional manner and I hope your experience with us was as enjoyable as ours was with you and your staff. Thank you for the tremendous experience you provided for the students and staff of Canton South high school.

- Rick Knight, Principal Canton South High School

We were more than pleased with the overall efforts of the tour bus and the Battle of the Bands as a whole.  The entire process is a unique opportunity for our newspaper to reach out to the younger demographic and allow them to see that there is so much more to a newspaper than the staunch old everyday stuff that they presume us to be. By coupling with the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, we are not just showcasing our product, we are demonstrating hands on exactly where and how we represent our community.  Not only do we bring them the story about the bus, we allow them to get a tangible feel for the source of our story.  Along with that, these kids were pumped!  They loved the event, they were drawn to the bus and the schools are grateful to us for bringing something new and fresh to our community that showcases something besides athletics. 

We are also extremely grateful for the hospitality and willingness of you guys to work with us the way you did.  The resources and the support material you provided were nothing short of jaw dropping.  We put out 350 gift bags and not a single one was left in the theater.  We could have put out 700!

We can only hope to make the Battle of the Bands an annual event.

- Mark A. Campbell, Regional Circulation Director Bristol Herald Courier, Tri-Cities/Southwest Virginia Group

Hi Guys, I just wanted to thank you for all you did to help us out during our whole Battle process, including the sponsorships you brought to the table, your expertise, guidance and calmness. The whole event and experience was phenomenal. 

The comments that I’ve received from the bands, parents and general public have been great.  The best note I received was from a band, and to quote part of the note, “Most of all we wish to thank you all for treating us like we were not a group of teenagers who happen to play music but rather as a group of musicians who happen to be teenagers.”  I think that said it all.  We really touched an audience that a newspaper doesn’t get that much chance to touch or impress.

- Barbara Bennage, Marketing Manager, Detroit Newspapers, Agent for The Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press

I just wanted to formally thank you all for all the work you put into recording the song i wrote, shooting a sweet music video, and making my day spent with you guys a dream-come-true experience.

I learned a lot about the recording process from watching you use the
software and, of course, from going through it myself! I really appreciated
that each of you took the time to contribute to a stellar final product,
between playing guitar, mixing and editing the video, supervising the
tedious recording session, and setting up everything. This experience has impacted me in ways i didn’t expect. It has served as an inspiration.  I’ve also started trying to learn how to play that electric guitar that i won. We bought an amp for it and plugged it in our basement, and we also bought some “self-education” books.

- Alexandra Hegel, Timothy Christian High School

Thanks so much for inviting the NOCCA students on the bus. All the students had a great time and really learned to appreciate the collaborative effort involved in the process. You guys were so well organized and responsive. Your positive vibe really helped encourage the creativity of the students. Meeting the members of My Chemical Romance was also a big plus and the fact that the band showed interest in the student’s project really helped to validate their efforts.

- Steve Reynolds, Media Arts - Audio Instructor NOCCA Riverfront, New Orleans, LA

WOW!!!! The kids are still talking and are still so excited about the visit by
the John Lennon Tour Bus last week!  So am I!
We were very fortunate that we were selected to have the bus visit us.
It was fantastic.  It even impressed me with the equipment that is now
available! We would love to host you again next year if it possible. 
Once again, WOW!!!

Thanks again for everything!  It was FANTASTIC!

- Mike Gjurich, Band Director, Western High School

I was on the bus as my sons collaborated on and recorded a song in Miami. It was an amazing experience for everyone, and one I know that my sons will treasure forever…. For them to see a song developed from scratch in such a collegial and collaborative atmosphere was really amazing for them. One of my sons plays guitar, and the other plays keyboard, and both were given the opportunity to develop their parts and record them. The audio engineer and the videographer were both great with my kids, as were the other musicians. As my sons put it, “So, there were all of these professional musicians and then there was us, right? Cool!” I hope that others continue to have the opportunity to experience what my sons experienced. Thank you for all you are doing to promote the art and joy of music making.

- Steve Scherker

We were extremely pleased with the John Lennon Educational Bus Tour. For WTVH, our viewers and the citizens of Syracuse, the visit was a huge success.
Despite his untimely death, John Lennon remains one of the icons of music. The opportunity to tie his name with WTVH was great. It gave us tremendous exposure in the market….

School officials were eager to participate. This gave them an opportunity to expose students to a real recording studio, and a chance to interact with true professionals who were able to turn the music running through their heads into a real sound on disc. The bottom line is, this was a great undertaking for us. It was easy to accomplish, and gave us an incredible amount of goodwill in the community. The crew with JLSC did most of the work while we received a lot of the benefit. I would recommend this to any station that is community oriented. One look on the face of a kid who has just heard what he or she had in their head come out on a cd as a real piece of music makes it all worth while. That’s a picture I will never forget.

My thanks to the people at JLSC… to the sponsors who made it possible and donated real things such as guitars to help our schools, and to Yoko Ono, who helps prove that the dream is not over!

- Loren Tobia, WTVH, Syracuse, NY

I am writing on behalf of KRQR in Chico, Ca.  We are very thankful for the opportunity to work with the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus at the Warped tour this year.  Being strong supporters of Music programs in schools we found it a great opportunity for us to help with the cause.  We were very excited to be a part of this and did not expect the hospitality we received from your staff.  The Techs were extremely courteous and helpful in any way possible.  KRQR has been able to promote music programs in local schools throughout our community and The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus was a great promotion to raise awareness for this cause.  We are very happy with the outcome because we were able to raise awareness of a dying program as well as a promotion that your staff really made work beautifully… Thank You Very much.  We would love to work with the JLSC at any time in the future.  Once again you guys Rock.

- Joe Forrest, KRQR Zrock, Chico, CA

On behalf of the USO of Illinois and the over 500 sailors of Naval Station Great Lakes that visited the John Lennon Tour Bus, I thank you. The event…was a tremendous opportunity for the Naval community. The first rate professional staff and state of the art studio together form an educational program with far reaching impact and is a perfect fit with the entertainment mission of the USO.

- Lisa Moeller, Executive Director, USO of Illinois

Until Tuesday, I was unaware of how your program will have such a long-term effect on these kids.  When I mentioned to the school principal that these 8 kids would never forget this day, she corrected me by saying that 582 students at her school would never forget it.

- Jack Light, Amarillo Globe News

Wow!!!! The kids are still talking and are still so excited about the visit by the John Lennon Tour Bus last week! So am I!  Thanks again for everything! It was FANTASTIC!

- Mike Gjurich, Band Director, Western High School

Thank you to everyone who helped make the experience possible.  Some of the students who were on the bus making music were on the wrong track.  They now have a different attitude about school.  Now, I do not know if that attitude will stick, but they enjoyed the bus, the guys, and the opportunity to do something that they truly enjoyed is something that they will never forget.  This may be a changing point in their life and I cannot thank all of you enough. As far as the bus, I think that it was incredible.  I would not change a thing.  The guys were phenomenal with the kids and with bringing such a diverse group of students together artistically in half of a day.  

As a teacher, sometimes we get stuck in monotonous pattern with discipline, and paperwork and forget what we are teaching for.  Helping these students who may have been heading down the wrong road was an amazing experience that I cannot thank you enough.

- Renee Henry, Jenkins High School, Savannah , GA

“This is precisely the kind of project John Lennon would have loved.”

- Yoko Ono Lennon

Imagine a studio on wheels.

- Leader-Post

Something like this should be parked outside of every school in America.

- Vernon Reid, Living Colour


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Video aboard the Bus

The increasing accessibility of digital technology has led to an amazing expansion of opportunity in the art of digital storytelling. The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus has been at the forefront of this new media explosion, having produced daily video projects with students since January of 2001. The Lennon Bus puts state-of-the-art digital video equipment into the hands of workshop participants and teaches the entire digital workflow from storyboarding to web publication and DVD burning. Students leave the experience having shot, chopped, scored, and (most importantly) finished an entire digital video production. Using the latest cameras and professional hardware/software solutions including Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools, participants are exposed to the exciting world of digital videography and learn hot techniques of the trade. The accessibility of professional-quality technology is making it possible for millions of new voices to be heard and the John Lennon Bus is putting these tools into the hands of tomorrow's great digital producers. Subscribe to our Youtube channel so you never miss any of the amazing videos produced on the Lennon Bus.