The John Lennon Education Tour Bus

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Tours of the Bus

The Lennon Bus has provided hundreds of thousands of students and educators with opportunities to tour the Bus and get hands on experience with the equipment found on board.  Tours give students an overview of what really goes on in a recording or video production facility and are led by the Lennon staff.  Visitors learn about the history of the Bus, and are introduced to the various production skills needed to produce projects on board.


1 Day Music Video Production

The Lennon Bus and staff provide opportunities for 6-8 students to create and produce original songs and video projects. Students write the music and lyrics to a song, record it, mix it, shoot video, and produce a music video of their work.


High School Battle of the Bands

These exciting live events support all types of music and can provide a powerful asset to reach young people, their teachers, parents and fans.  Media partners provide calls to action and coverage of the battles that frequently have up to 2000 attendees. Our Battles bring together students from all backgrounds and musical influences, all with ONE GOAL, to be the best musicians they can be and represent their school. We’ve partnered with some of the largest newspapers in the country such as the New York Daily News, The Detroit News, Tulsa World and the Arizona Daily Star. Winning Band Receives a free entry to the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Professional Recording session on board the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus and great prizes from Avid, Yamaha, and Disc Makers, and Apogee. Check out some of the past winners and their original songs in our video section.


Colleges and Universities

The Lennon Bus message is delivered to thousands of college age visitors across the US and Canada.  Working together with campus officials, coordinated events around the Bus and tent village feature live music, tours of the Bus, opportunities to play music, produce video, and shoot digital photographs of the day’s events.


Concert Tours

The Lennon Bus provides students with access to many of the most popular headlining bands and festival tours.  Past tours have included the Black Eyed Peas, Carlos Santana, Bob Weir, John Legend, Elton John, Shakira, Mos Def, Warped Tour, and many more.  Opportunities include ticket giveaways, meet and greets, and music and video production. 



Students conduct interviews and create video projects related to the days’ events or on topics related to their course work in the arts, sciences, history, social studies, language arts and more. 



The Lennon Bus staff delivers a 30-minute presentation to the entire school community or selected classes.  Included is an overview of the Bus, the studios, the equipment found on board, tips on working together as a group, a brief John Lennon biography, and examples of music and video projects produced on board.


Teacher Training

The Lennon Bus can provide hands on training for teachers interested in learning about the audio, video, digital photography and multimedia tools used onboard.  Participants will produce multimedia content and learn how the Lennon Bus staff engages students in the creation of music and video projects.


Technology Expos

Stocked with state of the art computers, guitars, keyboards, drums, still cameras and video cameras, the Lennon bus tents are engineered to provide visitors with the most hands-on experience possible. The knowledgeable, experienced, and highly energetic crew, allow visitors the opportunity to view product demonstrations and to engage directly with the materials themselves. 


Essay Contests

Essay Contests provide a unique program that promotes the value of multi media education and supports literacy initiatives.  Featuring a music based theme, newspaper partners publish calls to action and feature prize packages for the winning essayist and his or her school.  Many schools have used the Essay contests as part of their literacy efforts, including them as assignments in class.